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Free 20 Minute Discovery Visit


I offer a FREE 20-minute “discovery” session which is perfect for people suffering with any type of pain or stiffness who could enjoy life much more without it. This session gives you a chance to meet with me in person, tell me everything that’s been going on, and determine for yourself if I am the right clinician to help you.  You’ll leave your “discovery” session knowing exactly what’s going wrong and it’s perfect for anyone who would like to be shown how my approach works before committing to further evaluation and treatment. 

It’s a completely free, no-obligation appointment that will give you all the information you need to make the BEST decision for YOUR health – whether that’s working with me or not!   I will be honest with you as to whether I think that I can help you. 

Feel free to call me directly to schedule an in-person Discovery Visit.  


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