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“Ethan Hope is a superb physical therapist, far and away the best I expect ever to encounter. After sustaining a devastating injury to my shoulder in a fall, I had the good fortune to get treatment recommendations from friends who commended Ethan as an extraordinary therapist, and so right they were.

Ethan has a wonderful combination of intelligence, broad knowledge of the human body, and a keen empathetic sense of his clients’ particular issues and needs. He has a broad range of experience in treating various injuries and pathologies, and he knew with an uncanny acuity just how far to go in each therapeutic session to advance my recovery while diminishing my pain. To be treated by Ethan is to be educated as well, for with abiding patience and helpfulness, he conveys the logic and aims of procedures and the range of effects and targeted outcomes of therapy as the course of treatment continues. . Any questions I asked he answered clearly and encouragingly.

Ethan regards his clients’ physical bodies as a complex system, and he has an exceptional awareness of wellness issues in those he treats. In my case, he quickly recognized problems other than the rotator cuff tears that had brought me to see him, and with his quiet and considerate manner, he suggested that a chronic posture problem was intensifying the consequences of my injury and slowing recovery. His address of that problem was revelatory to me, and following his suggestions for its correction has changed my life and how I relate to my body. Ethan is always teaching a client how to live better in embodied life, and I never left a session without new wisdom and printed out supplementary aids he made to further clarify treatment techniques and bring them home for daily practice.

Finally, I’ll note that Ethan Hope’s personality enhances his practice in remarkable ways. He’s got a great affirming sense of humor, he’s always kind and never overbearing, and he’s always gifting his clients with valuable information and the confidence they are headed for improved and happier lives.”



“If I had to try to describe Ethan, I would probably choose the words modern or contemporary shaman. Ethan is well-trained in the ins and outs of the physical body, but he understands and integrates the spirit or the soul into his healing practice as well.

After having been debilitated for about five months, upon my first treatment with Ethan, I was able to sit up and stay out of bed the next day while navigating an incredibly difficult phase of my life. I know that he shifted something in just that first session that we built upon for the next number of months.

Ethan‘s talented hands were able to relieve the pain as well as the restricted mobility in joints of my spine and the tension and knots within my body, as he sang or played calming music for me in the background. He also helped me to bring greater awareness to quieting my mind so as to allow my body to receive his healing energy. What appeared to require surgery at the outset was resolved through his therapeutic efforts as well as the mindfulness that I took away from his treatments. I have now seen him for neck and shoulder issues, hip issues, as well as bone on bone arthritis in my big toe.   He was able to help me for all of these issues; however, his treatment of my neck injury was the most profound from both a physical and energetic perspective. 

I highly recommend Ethan for the body treatments if you are looking for not only physical relief and healing from your pain but also an integration of the human body, mind and spirit.”



 "I was treated by Ethan for three issues over a period of a year. What came through each session I had with him was his complete dedication to achieving the best possible healing outcome. His skills are solid and highly developed and carried out with great care and total concentration. Ethan is one of those rare healing practitioners who uses all of himself in the healing work, so that he is engaged along multiple dimensions in accomplishing what needs to come forward for the healing/repair to succeed. His shift to a private practice allows him to do what is best for his clients, free of the limitations that hamstring group practices, which must pander to the requirements and restrictions imposed by health insurance entities. If you want a real healer instead of a technician, Ethan is the PT for you."


Robert Weisz, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist.

An Interview with Ethan Hope

"My experience with Ethan Hope has been consistently positive and helpful.  My physical therapy sessions address some of the physically debilitating challenges of a cancer diagnosis.  I myself am a healthcare professional, and I am aware the importance of really listening to a client.  Ethan’s ability to be fully present in our time together has certainly extended the quality and length of my life.


When my primary care doctor did not listen to my concerns regarding chronic and worsening pain, Ethan did listen and encouraged me to once again talk to my doctor that I wanted an imaging of my spine and back.  The imaging resulted in a Stage IV cancer diagnosis.  I am grateful for Ethan’s willingness to really listen which has resulted in joy returning to my life—I couldn’t ask for more." 


“Due to the physical demands of my occupation, I knew that I had a long road to recovery after my surgery. In the beginning of this process, I had been treated by several physical therapists. However, there never seemed to be evidence of noticeable improvement. After several sessions with Ethan Hope I found that there was actual progress made with my physical strength in such a short period of time. I found Ethan to be a very patient physical therapist and I felt that I was being listened to and heard. It was evident that he viewed my sessions with him as a partnership to get my physical mobility back to where it needed to be, so I could go back to work. Ethan also used his own intuition and recognized that the environment in which he provides therapy can also cause a positive effect in his patient’s recovery. With great effect, he puts on soothing music and speaks to you as he is working on the injured area which helps you to relax and endure what a times could be a painful experience. His dedication to my physical recovery has been amazing. I feel that I’ve cleared some physical hurdles and have made tremendous progress. With Ethan’s patience and compassion, I have been able to go back to work.” 



“I have worked with some excellent physical therapists over the years. Ethan Hope stands out as the first one to encourage me to think about how my body moves and of how to find ways to move it. I see him draw from modalities way beyond physical therapy and it works for me.To me it makes a lot of sense to "do it once and do it right, especially with something as important as restoring movement”



"Ethan Hope is one of the best bodyworkers I have ever experienced. I began seeing him after suffering for months from a crippling injury. His knowledge of repairing the body goes far beyond the bare minimum. I had Physical Therapists that didn't understand what they were doing to me or why they were doing it. Ethan not only expressed an understanding knowledge, but brought results, and an attitude of active care for my well being. He expressed a desire to see me healed that I had never experienced in traditional healthcare and made me laugh in moments where I didn't think that I could. He will always be my first recommendation." 



“I was lucky to have found Ethan after one year of treatment for spinal pain, which had brought me limited relief. After thoroughly being examined, Ethan developed a treatment plan for the next 3 months. My gait improved, my posture aligned, and my entire musculoskeletal system was strengthened.I continue my exercises. Thanks to Ethan, I have learned to address my condition with a positive, active workout.”  



"As I began my recovery from a bad car accident, I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of care that Ethan provided. He always did hands-on therapy as well as giving me exercises to do at home. He really guided me through the recovery process. With Ethan ‘s care I was able to regain the mobility and range of motion in my neck. He has a genuine passion for helping others."



"Ethan was a breath of fresh air and stood out from my past P.T. experience of very little hands-on work. As a manual therapist of 25 years, I know how powerful focused, hands-on treatments can be. Ethan did exactly that and dedicated more time than planned with me to fully address my pain from a fractured knee injury with hands-on therapeutic work. His bedside manner was excellent, he stayed curious, open and engaged with his attention, and his touch was highly attuned with sensitive hands. I was very grateful for the time we had together in my rehab process." 



"My name is Sally and I am 78 years old with severe back pain whenever standing for a prolonged time.  I have been diagnosed with both kyphosis (hunching of the back), and scoliosis (a lateral curvature of the spine).  I was referred to physical therapy, and my first series left me with no relief.  I then found Ethan Hope, and his method has left me with the ability to stand with almost no pain.  It was some exercise, but the majority of the time was a “hands on” manipulation of the spine and ribs.  This “hands on” touch has given me greater freedom of movement.  His reminders of “posture” are with me always; when sitting at my computer for work, or standing to prepare dinner, or taking my daily walk.  I would strongly recommend Hope Therap for your back."



"In early 2022, I had a full left shoulder replacement and rotator cuff repair. For several weeks prior, I saw Ethan weekly for stretching and strengthening exercises to ensure I was prepared, which I certainly was. Afterwards, he took me from near complete immobility to almost full range of motion and strength in just a few short months.


He has a great gift for healing: besides expert knowledge in physio anatomy, Ethan offers a unique sensitivity and deep understanding of his clients’ needs and lifestyles. And while recovery from shoulder surgery is hard, throughout the process, I felt personally cared for and supported. Thank you, Ethan!" 



"Ethan Hope is hands down one of the best Physical Therapists in Santa Fe. Unfortunately, I've had way too many injuries as a competitive cyclist and have gotten to know Ethan very well in the past 4 years. Ethan is a very experienced intelligent holistic healer. He is engaged, is thoroughly interested and excited to genuinely help his clients get better.


I met Ethan when a van hit me and shattered my clavicle and broke all my ribs on my right side and had some neck trauma. I had surgery to repair the collarbone and Ethan worked with me until I had built my strength back. I had issues with my neck that my Chiropractor could not resolve, but through hands-on techniques and ultrasound Ethan was able to make me whole again and the pain was gone.


Next up I broke my femur and had a rod installed the full length of the femur and a bolt placed in the femur socket. Of all my injuries, that was by far the most painful. Ethan worked with me to build my strength back and resolve all of the pain issues. He continued to work with me to strengthen my lateral weak spots, so I could get out and ski again.


He is very attentive at fine-tuning what is and isn't working. Then I had an accident that resulted in a huge baseball size hematoma on my upper left calf. I couldn't walk or ride a bicycle for 3 weeks and the hematoma was at risk of calcifying. Ethan worked on the hematoma with Ultrasound to help soften the hematoma and to stretch out the muscles in my leg so I could straighten out my leg and walk like a human again.


Over the years I've spent a lot of time with various PT's and most made me feel like a number. They ran through their routines, didn't give me much information and were not personable. Ever since I met Ethan, I liked the fact that he really cares about me as a human being and about what he is doing, and I keep going back to him each time I have a new issue. But we really do need to stop meeting like this. ;-) I highly recommend... you will be in gifted hands with Ethan. A+ 6 STARS"




"I found Ethan to be very present and skillful at the same time.  My emotional state was intense the first few visits and Ethan made sure I felt safe, and it was ok to have tears during my PT session.  He did that in a very calm and simple way with music and warm presence while he worked. I felt supported with spaciousness and heartfelt understanding.  So good for healing."



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